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Thoughts After First Quarter Internship

Getting an Offer

My Experience

When I was in my freshman and sophomore years, I dreamed of what my internship would be like. After hearing of students in junior year "harvest" offers, I made up my mind to get more than one offer in my junior year when looking for a internship.

Obviously, the result is far away from my objective. I just got one offer, so I have no other choice but to accept it.

Getting an internship in China is like passing the eight-part essay exam in the history. You just need to make your best effort to memorize the regular interview questions and their corresponding answers. When in an interview, recite what you memorized.

Some interviewers don't like the eight-part essay like interview pattern. They prefer to provide problems related to real situations. This requires your coding experience, but not too much.

I don't have too much coding experience and I hate reciting interview quizzes, so I just got one offer. If you really want more than one offer to show in your social media, please do make an effort to prepare.

Difference in Three Concepts

There are three concepts about internship and recruitment to do with campus students:

  • Summer internship;
  • Regular internship;
  • Campus recruitment;

These words once puzzled me and they puzzled junior students in the same period as me.

Summer internship is set for students who will graduate in the next year. By working in the company in summer, students and company teams would know each other better. They could get more information on deciding whether to choose each other or not.

Regular internship is available for all students on campus. As long as you have a good understanding of basic knowledge, you will get a chance to have an internship in the company.

Campus recruitment is set for students in junior or senior years, starting from fall in junior year and ends before summer in senior year. It's easier than regular recruitment and it's really a good chance for undergraduates to get into their dream companies.


Internships are quite different from studying and coding on campus.


On campus, most people code for fun, for reputation and for other things they regard valuable. It is mostly driven by interests.

While in company, it is difficult to do what you are interested in. Most cases are you need to get interested in what you do. What drives people in company is the result. If your effort results in an increase to the business, it is a good effort.

Way of Thinking

On campus, when I get an idea, I'd like to focus on it immediately and code at once, without doing much research on if there is an existing one and how others make this idea come true.

While in company, there is a standard process to decide whether to start a project. Full research would be done and a plan document would be provided before getting into development. There would be people assessing the ROI (Return on Investment) to prevent a waste of manpower and time.

That's why I felt like I'm wasting time on campus while making myself seem very busy.


On campus, I code mostly on my own. I can decide what tools to use and how the code would be organized. It's certainly comfortable. However, this also means I am stepping into one place without getting in touch with better tools and ways of code organization.

On campus, I can use branch main for developing, testing, publishing, releasing and so on. I can push my commits to remote whenever I want to. No conflicts would occur as long as no extra action is taken.

While in company, there is usually more than one person focusing on a single project. Cooperation is necessary and communication is important. Clear and efficient cooperation and communication is usually more important than coding.

Decision Making

Life is filled with switch-case branches. Every time you stand at a crossroad, you have to choose from the visible and invisible roads in front of you.

At the crossroad that occurs at the end of the first quarter in 2022, I choose to transfer from Beijing to Chengdu.

Days in Beijing is happy, challenging and substantial for me. I love the group, the department and the business I'm focusing on. I learned a lot from coding and from my colleagues. Skill and ability improved a lot when I worked as an intern in the company.

To each his own, I prefer a lower pressure and a slower life pace. Life in Beijing is substantial, but it's also hard. People who are 5 to 10 years elder than me can't even own a car or buy a new house. Renting in Beijing feels like a bird in a small cage. There's a saying that goes "The sunshine in Beijing has its price". You could have sunshine in your room only if you pay more a month.

For most people, it's hard to settle in Beijing without great help from parents. I can't get such GREAT help and I admit I'm just an ordinary person like most guys.

Terminating internship in Beijing is not a failure for me. In the opposite, I feel better when I come back to Chengdu. Pressure is lower in Chengdu and it is convenient to go home from Chengdu. Most importantly, Chengdu is a city which my girlfriend and I both love.


For me, improving skills is not my hugest reward in internship. What's more valuable is that I find out which factor is the most important to myself. I believe that something fit is something best.

Best wishes for working and living in Chengdu in the future.

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