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Switch from Hexo to VitePress

I've just made a switch from Hexo to VitePress for a couple of days. The main differences between this two SSG engines in my opinion are as follows.


I use custom theme rather than official or community themes. To develop a blog theme, it takes me over two weeks to finish in Hexo while only less than one week in VitePress.

The Hexo theme using ejs for layout and stylus for style is hard for me to develop and maintain. The VitePress theme using Vue SFC is more developer friendly.


In my personal experience, the opening of my VitePress blog is faster than Hexo blog. The static site generation is faster too.

Feeling is not always so accurate. I use Lighthouse to test my blogs and here is the result.

First, let's see Hexo blog scoring.

Lighthouse for Hexo blog

In comparison, here's the scoring of VitePress blog.

Lighthouse for VitePress blog


To each his own. I personally prefer VitePress rather than Hexo now. You can choose what you like and there is always a theme called Linear for both SSG engines.



  • Upgrade dev dependency VitePress to 1.0-beta.

cd ../