Yiyang Sun

Love for life and frontend tech.



My appreciation to loved orgs.


Thank you for guiding me in the dark.


  • Ziyang - Talented boy in ML and backend;
  • Yuki - Big gun in frontend and ML;
  • Yang - Full stack big shot;
  • Darren - Talented boy in ML and frontend;
  • Gemini - Backend big gun;
  • Xinyue - Big shot in frontend and cyber security;
  • Flappy Bird - Develop the blog himself;
  • FE LeBron - Fan of LeBron, frontend big gun;
  • codeDogs - Frontend explorer;
  • Ruixuan - Expert in backend, mastering Java and Golang;
  • Evan - Author of vuepress-theme-vdoing;

My Information

const myBlog = {
  name: 'Yiyang Sun',
  link: 'https://blog.syy11.cn',
  avatar: 'https://shaun-logo.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/avatar.jpg',
  description: 'Frontend enthusiast.'

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